Appel Auto Sales is owned by two local brothers, Kenan & Martin Appelhans. Kenan is the general manager and handles all sales and hands on in the business. Martin heads up the accounting/ payroll and taxes department. He is mostly a silent partner as far as “hands on” and day to day activities go but contributes the necessary part to make the key turn.
Martin owns two other local businesses here in Missoula. “RAW” (Recycled Active Wear), a used clothing and sporting goods store and also “TRU” The Right one for U, a local painting company. He stays very busy managing the clothing store, accounting for Appel Auto Sales and as general contractor for the painting company. With all three businesses to run, he still finds ample time to be a dedicated family man to his girlfriend Hannah, 3 year old son Tristan (T-Mac) and three dogs.
Kenan is hands on at Appel Auto Sales, he does all of the purchasing, selling, managing the detailing and scheduling of auto repair (which is done on-site) and re-conditioning. Kenan lives in Missoula with his teenage son Preston, a sophomore at Hellgate High School. An avid sportsman and recreationalist, he enjoys camping, hunting and fishing. As busy as the car lot has been lately, he still finds time to escape to the Bitterroot Valley for recreational activities. He has been in the car business since his early 20′s and has a passion for cars. Currently, he is in the process of restoring a 1969 Chevrolet step-side for his son. He purchased it about 15 years ago and now that Preston will be a licensed driver soon, they intend to restore it to original condition.
Appel Auto Sales believes that honesty and integrity will prove success in their pursuit of a long lasting car dealership here in Missoula. Appel Auto Sales will and has been standing behind their vehicles after the sale. They offer affordable and dependable used cars and don’t believe in “smoke and mirrors”. What you’ll get is straight deals and to the point negotiations. They purchase local cars and trucks and spend money making them reliable. If you’re in the market for an affordable used car, truck, or SUV, be sure to see Appel Auto Sales…….you’ll be glad you did!